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Holly gets the pool guy to oil her back

You won't believe your eyes with this blonde busty milf Holly. She has one of the biggest pair of tits ever! Holly takes a dip in her pool and gets the pool guy to help her spread some tanning oil all over her back. She starts touching herself and then calls him over and asks him to feed her his cock. After fucking him she asks for his load directly into her mouth and then sends him away. Wow fuck her!

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Angelina caught in her pool by a pervert

Angelina's husband is away on business and she wishes she had someone to fuck her. She gets hot and horny with her long dildo so she takes a dip in her pool to cool off. While she continues her poolside masturbation session some guy happens to be watching her and stroking his hard cock. He ends up at the right place at exactly the right time. Watch this milf take him and fuck him hard!

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Ava needs a handy man to fix her deck

This stunning milf Ava calls for a handy man to fix her deck and pool drain. But that's not her only reason for calling this guy over. She isn't fooling anyone by oiling up her big tits right in front of him and inviting him to take a dip in the pool with her in there totally naked! He takes her up on it and she rewards him with a blowjob. She fucks him good and he busts his load all over her chest.

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Follow the hose and get your reward boy

This super fucking hot milf Brandy is masturbating with a hose in her pool when she meets this guy. Some curious fool follows this running hose and it leads him right to her hot ass. She is thrilled he is there and sucks his cock plus rides his dick too. He might have the wrong house but she doesn't seem to mind after fucking him she happily takes a mouth full of cum! Wow what a good slut wife.

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Maybe the butler is good for something?

This milf Shannon enjoys giving her butler a hard time. She asks for a drink while sun bathing and has this poor butler stand in the sun with his suit on. She is brutal on him but lucky for him she is so bored that she wants to suck his cock. Not a bad change and it gets better, he also ends up fucking her in the pool until he shoots a huge load into her mouth. What a way to cool off!

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Gardener gets a boner while milf tans

This hot milf Julianna has great tits. She takes a dip and starts rubbing herself with tanning oil right by the pool. Her gardener can't help but notice and get extremely horny watching her. She calls him over and notices his boner and asks him to remove his pants. Watch her suck and fuck him by her pool. She gets him to cum all over her freshly oiled tits and sends him back to work!

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